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How to update your license with a "Two Notes Activation Code" ?


 If your computer is connected to the Internet (online mode):

  1. Open your Remote.

  2. Press menu "User" and "Add Two Notes Activation".

  3. Enter your serial number and press "Add". Your license is going to be renewed. The new license file and your news cabs are then going to be automatically donwloaded.

  4. Close the final window. You can use your new Two Notes cabinets.


If your computer is not connected to the Internet (offline mode):

  1. On a connected computer, go to License & Cabinet Manager on the Two Notes Store.

  2. Select "Use a Two Notes Activation Code", enter your code and press "OK".

  3. You should now see on screen your updated Two Notes cabinet list. Download all your new cabs and save them onto a USB dongle.

  4. You should also receive an email with your new license enclosed. Save the license file as well onto the memory stick.

  5. Plug your memory stick on your target computer and copy the cabinets to:
    - PC 64-bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\Two Notes Audio Engineering\Cabinets

    - PC 32-bit: C:\Program Files\Two Notes Audio Engineering\Cabinets
    -Mac OS: /Library/Application Support/Two Notes Audio Engineering/Cabinets

  6. Open your Remote.

  7. Press "Menu" And go to "Load New License".

  8. Load the new license file from the USB dongle. Here you go! Your new cabinets are now listed on the WoS plug-in's interface!


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