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Sound cut for few seconds / display "Silence" / "La boutique" icon is blinking


This happen when you play with a cabinet you don't own.

With Remote and Wall of Sound you are able to audition in real time and have the option to purchase additional cabinets you can buy in La Boutique.
La Boutique cabinets are available directly in the interface by checking the "Online" checkbox in the MIKING|Location filter section. They will then appear in the cabinets list with a cart icon.

When a La Boutique cabinet is selected, the sound is cut from time to time for few seconds, a cart icon and a "La Boutique" image are displayed.
Depending on your version you can see either the "La Boutique" image blinking either a "Silence" message.

If you like the sound of this cabinet you can add it to your basket and buy it in La Boutique.


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