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[For WOS 4.26 and prior versions ONLY] Logic Pro X 10.4.0 and GarageBand plugins unlock on macOS 10.13 High Sierra

Category: Torpedo Wall of Sound

Can I use an amplifier more powerful than the rated power of a Torpedo product ?

Category: Torpedo series

What is the difference between a Torpedo Studio and a Torpedo Live?

Category: Torpedo Studio

Sound is coming from inside the box of the Torpedo, is that normal?

Category: Torpedo series

New firmware V4 for Torpedo Studio

Category: Torpedo Studio

Du son semble provenir de l'intérieur du Torpedo, est-ce normal ?

Category: Série Torpedo

The attenuator and the load box do not need the power supply - Torpedo Captor

Category: Torpedo Captor

How to register your Torpedo C.A.B. M?

Category: Torpedo C.A.B. M

Format the SD card in the C.A.B M

Category: Torpedo C.A.B. M

The differences between Torpedo Remote and Torpedo Wall of Sound

Category: Torpedo Remote

Notice - New price for DynIR Virtual Cabinet

Category: Knowledgebase

I cannot see my new cabinets in Torpedo Wireless Remote

Category: Torpedo Wireless Remote