How can I become a Capture Master?

You run or have access to a professional studio; you are interested in having your cabinets sell on the Two notes Store — and in making money off those sales.

Contact us (see below) so we can send you the application form and the agreement to sign.

We’ll provide you with our exclusive cab-measuring software, so you can capture your cabinets and help us create the greatest collection of virtual cabinets for the Two notes Store.

Minimal equipment required:

  • A MAC or PC computer with an ASIO/Coreaudio soundcard embedding at least 1 line output and 4 line inputs. In an ideal case, the soundcard can go 24bits/96KHz with the best signal/noise ratio and THD.

  • A power amplifier that can work at 250W/8Ohms with the lowest possible distortion, linear frequency response and the lowest possible output impedance. A solid-state studio-monitoring amplifier is perfectly suited for this task.

  • A variety of great cabinets;

  • A minimum of 8 quality microphones for miking guitars/basses;

  • 4 channel microphone preamplifiers

  • A large recording studio where you can play loud!


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