How can I sell cabinets on the Two Notes Store?

By becoming a Capture Master, you agree to capturing high-quality Impulse Responses of your guitar/bass cabinets, which the Two Notes expert tech team will then process into new, state-of-the-art virtual cabs for the extensive Two notes cabinet library.

Your virtual cabinets will be available for purchase on the Two notes Store ("La Boutique"), which is accessible from any Torpedo product (hardware or software) for all users worldwide!

Before you can sell your cabs online with Two notes:

  1. We'll first send you a detailed data sheet to fill out with specific information necessary for the creation of new virtual cabinets. 

  2. You will send us your measure files in the proprietary Two Notes format for in-house processing.

  3. We will put the resulting, processed virtual cabinets online, and a transaction fee will be charged on the sales price.

  4. You make money while making musicians happy worldwide, for every sale of your virtual cabinets!


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How can I sell cabinets on the Two Notes Store?

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