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24 virtual cabinets give away


WIN 24 Virtual Cabinets for your Torpedo and Wall of Sound III!

Giveaway is open to everybody around the world!

Please refer to our Facebook post to learn how to enter the raffle. 10 random winners will be chosen the day after it's over. Good luck!

See what else we have in store for you:

Here is the list of the 24 virtual cabinets:


Two Notes Name Original Model Guitar/Bass
Brit VintO Marshall® Slash Signature 4x12" Celestion® V30 open back G
Feline Bad Cat® 2x12” OB Celestion® Bad Cat® Proprietary G
JubilV30 Marshall® 2550 2x12" Celestion® V30 G
Monarch Tone King® Galaxy® 2x12” OB Tone King® 33' Custom Designed G
New York Markbass® 4x6" B
Prime A Divided by Thirteen® FTR37 2x12” OB Celestion® Blue & G12H30 70th Anniversary (mike on G12H30) G
Prime B Divided by Thirteen® FTR37 2x12” OB Celestion® Blue & G12H30 70th Anniversary (mike on Blue) G
R2D2 Musicman® 112 RD 1x12” Electro-Voice® EVM12L G
RackHero Suhr® CAA 4x12” CB Alien Transformer® 20W Greenback clones G
StrongBack VHT® Fat Bottom 4x12" Eminence® P50E G
Twill 15 Clark® Tweed Replica 1x15” OB Jensen® 1959 G
Voice V125 Vox® V125 2x12" ("Vox® 2x12") G
Watt FanO Hiwatt® 2×12″ Fane® open back G
WgrandBlvd Ampeg® B15N 1x15” CB Jensen® C15N, Vintage Ceramic G
XTCab Bogner® 4x12" Celestion® V30 B
Romanum2 Cicognani2 Imperium® 2x12” JENSEN® neodymium magnet woofers, Cicognani® custom voiced G
Angl 60C Engl® V60 (modèle E 412 SS, Standard Slanted) G
NOS V30 NOS® 4x12 Stéréo en V30 closed back. G
Rand RD112 Randall® RD112 1x12 angled with Celestion® Vintage 30 G
Bull Neo2 Taurus® TN210 2x10 with new generation neodymium drivers B
Angl Pro30 Engl E 412 Pro with Celestion® Vintage 30® Closed. Straight G
GreenArtC Vintage 70's Marshall® Artiste 4x12 with greenback Rola® Celestion® G12H30 55Hz Closed G
Brit 60A Marshall® 1960A 4x12 with Celestion® G12T-75 G
Dual BW15 Peavey® 215D BW - Black Widow® speakers. B





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