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Redeem your Free Cabinet (until the 11th of May 2020)


We are happy to give to our users, free of charge, the  MESA/Boogie Recto SLE, Celestion Ruby 1x12 Closed,  Revv 2x12, Suhr Bella 1x12 and BeastMachine on top of the lifetime Wall of Sound license. (offer lasts until the 30th of April 2020).

To redeem your FREE Virtual Cabinets, go to the My license page in your Two notes account.

At the top of the page, you will be greeted to "Get your FREE Virtual Cabinet", with the image of the cabinet and the Redeem button.

Click on the Redeem button. The  MESA/Boogie Recto SLE, Celestion Ruby 1x12 Closed,  Revv 2x12, Suhr Bella 1x12 and BeastMachine are added to your license.

You will be asked to download your new license when you log into the WoS. The new cabinet will be downloaded to your computer. All that, free of charge. The offer only lasts until the 11th of May 2020.

The MESA/Boogie Recto is a sealed, closed-back cabinet tuned to deliver the renowned Rectifier sound of 2x12s and 4x12s in a compact 1x12 format. Sealed cabinets can deliver tremendous punch and low end resonance, making them the preferred choice for rock, alternative and metal styles of music.

The Celestion® Ruby is an alnico-magnet guitar speaker that’s purpose-built to create vintage tones. the Celestion Ruby 1x12 Closed oozes a richly musical vintage warmth, with mellow highs and a smooth, sophisticated midrange.

The Revv 2x12 open back guitar cabinet is a solid Baltic birch construction and loaded with Warehouse Guitar Speakers Vet 30 and ET 90 drivers. Its focused midrange and tight bottom end make it ideal for cutting through any mix while still delivering a full sound.

The Suhr Bella 1×12 cabinet delivers high quality Suhr® tone, enhanced by the musicality and responsiveness of the Celestion® V-Type speaker. This combination provides a warm, well rounded mid-range and punchy lows, making it a great choice for a range of different playing styles and genres.

The BeastMachine is a huge bass cabinet inspired by a vintage HH Electronics® Bass Machine. With its folded horn sub design, it is the perfect combination of vintage tone, and bass extension that rattles the walls!


beastmachine_redeem_normal.png beastmachine_redeem_normal.png

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