Configuring the ReVolt Series in 4-Cable Mode

Supercharge your existing setup by adding ReVolt Guitar’s or ReVolt Bass’ 3 channels to your amp following our step-by-step guide below:

  • Activate the 4-Cable Method switch (I position)
  • Connect your guitar/pedalboard to ReVolt’s input (GUITAR IN)
  • Connect the effects SEND of ReVolt to the amp’s input
  • Connect the effects send of the amp to the effects RETURN of ReVolt
  • Connect the OUT of ReVolt to the amp’s effects return

When one of ReVolt’s channels is engaged, the guitar’s signal does not pass to the amp’s preamp; instead it is ReVolt that provides your guitar tone via your physical amp’s poweramp section. Using this method, you can play all 3 channels of either ReVolt Guitar or ReVolt Bass with your amp.

Please note, all connectivity should be actioned using standard instrument (unbalanced) cables.

Tip for time-baseed and looper pedals:

Place your time-based effects and looper pedals after the OUT of ReVolt, before the AMP FX RETURN. All the amp's and ReVolt's channels will go through your pedals when located there.