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How does the Output mode works on Torpedo Live?


The output parameter can be accessed through:

Setup Menu/Output (parameter 6/9)

The Torpedo Live is a mono unit, but the S/PDIF digital output carries 2 channels: the Wet (meaning with speaker simulation) or Dry (meaning without speaker simulation) signal, or a combination of the two.

It is important to note that the LEFT S/PDIF channel and the Line/Headphones output of the Torpedo Live are fed by the same signal. In other words, when the LEFT S/PDIF channel carries the DRY signal, the Line and Headphones output will carry the DRY signal too. When the LEFT S/PDIF channel carries the WET signal, the Line and Headphones output carries the WET signal.

There are 4 options that determine the way the 2 S/PDIF channels and the Line/Headphones output are fed:

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