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Which are the 24 WoS cabs offered with the Reload?


When you buy the Torpedo Reload, you get a complimentary license for the Wall of Sound III Reload Edition plug-in, which includes the following Two Notes cabinets:

Guitar cab's designation Inspired by
2Notes CSG Two Notes Custom 1x12" ElectroVoice® EVM12L
Angl VintC Engl® 4x12" Celestion® V30
Blonde 63 Fender® Bassman ’63 Blonde Tolex Piggy Back 2x12"
Brit 65C Marshall® 1965A 4x10" Celestion® G10L-35 closed back
Calif C90 Mesa/Boogie® 1x12" Celestion® C90 (Black Shadow)
Calif StdC Mesa/Boogie® Rectifier® Standard 4x12" Celestion® V30 closed back
Eddie Peavey® 5150 2x12" Sheffield 1200
Free Rock2 VHT® Deliverance 2x12" Eminence® P50E
Green Tri Hughes&Kettner® Triamp 4x12" Celestion® Greenback
Jazz 120 Vintage Roland® JC120 2x12"
JubilGreen Marshall® 2550 2x12" Celestion® Greenback
Kerozen Diezel® 4x12" Celestion® G12K-100
Silver77 Vintage Fender® Twin Reverb® 2x12" orange JBL®
SilverJen Vintage Fender® Twin Reverb® 2x12" Jensen® C12K
The One Brunetti® Neo1512 1x15" + 1x12"
Vibro Utah Vintage 1961 Fender® Vibrolux® 1x12" original Utah speaker
Bass cab's designation Inspired by
2Notes CSB Two Notes Custom 1x15"
Alu XL Hartke® XL 4x12"
AZ Ben SWR® Big Ben 1x18"
AZ Work SWR® WorkingMan 4x10"
Calif Low Mesa/Boogie® 2x10"
Fridge Ampeg® 8x10"
Heaven Bot David Eden® 1x15"
Marco Markbass® 2x10"
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Which cabs are offered with the WoS plug-in?
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