What are the differences between the Torpedo Studio and the Torpedo VB-101?

The Torpedo Studio is a new product that replaced the Torpedo VB-101. It shares many features with its predecessor, but also brings many updates, enhancements and neaw features.

The most important differences are:

  • The Torpedo Studio has a new reactive loadbox, where the VB-101 has a resistive loadbox.
  • The impedance of the Torpedo Studio can be selected (4, 8 or 16 ohms), where the VB-101 is 8 ohms only.
  • The Torpedo Studio features a stereo line input, where the Studio only has a mono line input.
  • The input stage was redesigned on the Torpedo Studio, to reduce distortion and improve headroom (signals up to 260 V peak-to-peak can be handled).
  • Analog output stage was redesigned to, to improved THD and Crosstalk.
  • The Torpedo Studio is smaller and ligther.
  • The Torpedo VB-101 is no longer supported and won't be updated anymore. The latest firmware evolutions like Arcade mode and Reverb are not available for the VB-101.


Difference between resistive load and inductive load/loadbox:

A resistive load implies an 8 ohms resistance in our products' cases.

Any speaker, on the other hand, constitutes a reactive load with a nominal impedance of, for example, 8 ohms. 

To learn more about the difference between impedance and resistance, please refer to this Wikipedia article:


In the Torpedo VB-101:
Using a resistive load with a tube amplifier will modify the way in which it transfers power. In other words, depending on the frequency of the Input signal, the sound will be changed relatively to your usual speaker cabinet.

This is the reason why we have developed a system for Load Compensation, which for the most part corrects that defect. (A defect that may mostly be heard with the resonating frequency in medium and higher tones.)

In the Torpedo Studio:
The load is reactive so that it is the most similar to an actual loudspeaker. Consequently, Load Compensation is unnecessary there.

However, the Torpedo Studio still offers a resistive + load compensation mode, to expand the possible options.

Both methods are close, electronically speaking, and the rest is up to a choice in electronic design. Amplifiers when they are properly designed show no problem working with either type of loadbox. Poorly designed amps tend to not function well with resistive loadboxes when they are pushed too hard — but we generally never meet with any such issues.


Support and firmware updates considerations:

The last firmware supported by the the Torpedo VB-101 is v3.36.

The latest V4 update of the Torpedo Studio brought the Arcade mode, a new Reverb effect, among other modifications. This update, as well as other future updates, is not available for the VB-101.