How can I add new Two Notes cabinets to my Torpedo?

The Torpedo cabinets can be used in Torpedo Wall Of Sound III plugin and Torpedo VB-101, Studio, Live and C.A.B. devices once uploaded by the Torpedo Remote control software.

For every purchase of new cabinets on the Two Notes Store, you will receive by email a new license file.

To use new Torpedo cabinets in your Torpedo device, you first need to download your new license and your new cabinets onto your computer and then transfer the ones you want into your device.

1- Download and install your new Two Notes cabinets :

  • If your Torpedo Remote is connected to the Internet:   

    Power on the Torpedo and launch Torpedo Remote. A message will inform you that a new license is available. Press "Download License" to download and validate your new license. Your new Two Notes cabinets will then be automatically downloaded and installed onto your computer.

  • If your Torpedo Remote is not connected to the Internet:
    1. Get your new Torpedo license in your mailbox. Store it on an external hard drive or USB stick.

    2. Then download the Two Notes cabinets you just bought on the
      License and Cabinet Manager and store them at the same location.

    3. Connect your hard drive or USB stick to the Remote computer and place the Two Notes cabinet files in the appropriate folder:
      - PC 64bits : C:\Program Files (x86)\Two Notes Audio Engineering\Cabinets
      - PC 32bits : C:\Program Files\Two Notes Audio Engineering\Cabinets
      - Mac OSX : /Library/Application Support/Two Notes Audio Engineering/Cabinets

    4. Open your Torpedo Remote.

    5. Press "User" in the top menu and go to "Load new license file".

    6. Load the new license file from the USB dongle. Your new cabinets are now available in your Torpedo Remote.

2- Transfer the Two Notes cabinets to your Torpedo with the Memory Manager.

Press on the menu 'Managers' and Memory Manager. The left column shows the Two Notes cabinets you have on your computer and the right one shows the ones you have on your Torpedo device. Drag and drop the cabinets you want to transfer into your Torpedo device.

Click on the image below for a short video tutorial that shows you how to proceed.


The number of cabinets you can store in your device is limited (32 in the Live and CAB and 50 in the Studio and VB-101), so you may need to erase a few cabinets to make room for the new ones. Don't worry, your cabinets are always stored online and onto your hard drive, in the Two Notes folder.