How does the fan of the Torpedo VB-101 work ?

The fan of the Torpedo VB-101 behaves according to the "Fan Control" parameter in the "Setup->System" menu.


  • Fan Control = Off

The fan is turned off. This allows an extra silent operation of the Torpedo VB-101. However, the power dissipation is less efficient, the maximum admissible power is reduced, and the unit may overheat faster. Don't worry though, the overheating warning and protection are still working, so you will be warned if overheating happens. This should only be selected with a low power amplifier (less than 20 Watts), or when using the line or digital inputs.


  • Fan Control = Auto

This is the default setting. The fan is controlled by the temperature monitor of the unit. The fan is turned off when the temperature of the unit is below 70°C, and turned on when the temperature is above 70°C.


  • Fan Control = On

The fan is turned on. The power dissipation is maximum, and the unit may run cooler. Select this is you want to keep your system as cool as possible. However, the maximum admissible power doesn't change.