What to do if I get a high pitch squeal when using a Torpedo ?

When using a Torpedo product with a loadbox (Torpedo VB-101, Studio, Live, Reload or Captor), you may experience a particular type of high pitch squeal, similar to an acoustic feedback (which happens when you put your guitar or a microphone close to the loudspeaker).

Most of the time, this noise will disappear when you hit the strings of your guitar, only to come back as soon as you stop. This noise can be heard through your monitoring system, but it also can be loud enough to be heard directly through the Torpedo box itself (for more information on why, please see this article).

This noise is usually related to some kind of electromagnetic feedback, which explains why it sounds similar to an acoustic feedback (the feedback just comes from another medium than the acoustic waves). The parts responsible for this are all the inductive parts in the signal chain:

  • The pickups of the guitar
  • The output transformer of the amp
  • The reactive part of the loadbox


To get rid of this feedback, please try the following:

  1. Turn off the volume of your guitar. If the noise disappears, it means your guitar is picking up the magnetic field coming from either the amp of the Torpedo. Turn the volume up again, and see if moving the guitar away from the amp or Torpedo solves the issue.
  2. If the noise is still there no matter where you place your guitar, try moving the Torpedo away from the amp. You can also try just reducing the output volume of the amp.


In some cases, this won't do the trick, the feedback will stick, no matter how far you put the elements away from each other. In this case, the problem is usually related to earth connections. You can then try this:

  1. Check that both your amp and Torpedo are connected to earth. All Torpedo products (except the Captor) have a 3 plugs power connector, and should be connected to an earthed power outlet. A typical guitar amp usually has the same kind of power cord. Make sure you're using power outlets with a proper earth connection. If needed, you can test the earth connectors with a DMM, but make sure you understand the risks of going near a power outlet with a DMM before doing that! You don't want to get electrocuted.
  2. Try reducing the earth connections as much as possible. This means connection the amp and Torpedo to power outlet close to each other. Better yet, connect them to the same power strip. Use short power cord.
  3. If nothing works, you can try moving your gear to another room, or another buidling, and check if the issue persists.


When using the Torpedo Captor, you won't get an earth connection through it. However, you can get one through whatever is connected to it (sound interface, mixing board, fx processor...). Just apply the same advices with anything that is connected to the Captor.