What are the differences between the C.A.B. M and the C.A.B.

The Torpedo C.A.B. M is the new version of the Torpedo C.A.B. What is the same and what is different between those two pedals?


What are the differences, looking from the point of view of the C.A.B. M?

- it can be controlled by Bluetooth with a tablet (already available for IOS, in April for Android) and with a mobile phone (June).

- It has an XLR output on top of the TRS jack output.

- It works with an amp (after the amplification part and before the cabinet part, for combo amps and heads with cabinets). IT IS NOT A LOADBOX, it has to be connected to a cabinet through the SPEAKER OUT.

- It has a memory card reader that allows to expand the storage of the C.A.B. M for 3rd party IRs (a 256MB micro SD card is included with the C.A.B. M)

- It has an auxiliary input in case you want to play along your favorite songs.

- It has a more powerful DSP on board.

- It allows the use of high resolution IRs of up to 200 ms (the original C.A.B allows up to 40 ms)

- It has an OLED screen which allows for better graphics and a smoother navigation.

- It has more compact dimensions than the C.A.B.: 96 x 121 x 63 (mm) for the C.A.B. M and 178 x 127,8 x 58,3 (mm) for the C.A.B.

- The C.A.B. M does not have MIDI inputs nor footswitches.


What is the same:

- it is the same firmware that operates both pedals so you have the same functions inside (power amp,miking, eq, reverb)

- they both work the same way with the Torpedo Remote Software.