Which headphones are the best with the Captor X

The Torpedo Captor X allows you to play your amp silently and listen to it through headphones. The level in your headphones is controlled by the OUTPUT LEVEL knob located on the front of the unit.

We have tested a variety of headphones set (over 10 different models from different builders), from the consumer model to the studio-grade monitoring headphones. They ranged from 25 Ohms to 80 Ohms. We checked also with a couple of 250 Ohms headphones to see how the Captor X 's PHONES reacted.

For best practice, choose a headphones set which impedance is between 25 to 80 Ohms for best results. You will have enough headroom for the volume level, and the sound quality will be optimum.
For high impedance headphones, the volume level will be lower but the Captor X is able to deliver a very high level signal with the OUTPUT LEVEL knob.

NOTE: Listening to your amp through the Captor X at high volume for long periods can damage your hearing.