Using the ReVolt Series with Wall of Sound

You can pair your ReVolt with our proprietary DynIRs using Wall of Sound for expanded tone shaping potential. 

With ReVolt Guitar or ReVolt Bass you are entitled to 10 expertly curated DynIR cabinets by registering the pedal to your Two notes account. Please see this article that provides a simple walkthrough on how to register your ReVolt Guitar or ReVolt Bass.

To use DynIRs with the ReVolt Series, use the “OUT” output to connect ReVolt to the instrument input of your audio interface with an instrument (unbalanced) cable. The OUT sends the “dry” signal of ReVolt Series Pedal to your audio interface. You can then apply a digital cabinet simulation to the ReVolt signal in your DAW using Wall of Sound.

You can also use the DI (XLR) output for a noiseless transmission of the signal between ReVolt and the audio interface. In that setup, place the CAB SIM switch to O in order to send the dry signal of ReVolt to audio interface.

Top Tip: To hear the cabinet simulation facilitated by Wall of Sound while playing your guitar, please activate direct monitoring of the track in your DAW.