OPUS's AUX input and Phones output - stereo and mono signals

When using the AUX input and the headphone output, here are the user case scenarios in regards to mono and stereo signals.

  • The AUX IN accepts stereo signals at its input.The signal will be played in stereo at the headphone output. The AUX IN is only routed to the headphone output (not the DI and LINE outputs)
  • The internal DSP processing of guitar or bass tones in OPUS is mono and as such is audible only in mono via the headphone output.
  • When playing a stereo source via the AUX IN and a DSP processed signal from the OPUS architecture (using a TSM amplifier, a DynIR cabinet, etc. ), the AUX IN will be monitored in stereo and the DSP signal monitored in mono via the headphone output.

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