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How much does a Two notes cabs cost?


Two Notes virtual cabinets are €6.67 (tax excl.)* each.

We offer special discounts for purchases of at least 5 cabinets together (MESA/Boogie and Celestion cabinets are excluded from these discounts):

Get several cabs at once and pay less!

- 5 to 11 cabs - Starter: -25% - save up to €22

- 12 to 23 cabs - Twelve: -40% - save up to €70.40

- 24 to 35 cabs - Advanced: -50% - save up to €136 

- 36 to 47 cabs - Essentials: -60% - save up to €225.60

- 48 cabs and more - Pro: -65% - 48 cabinets for €112.06 instead of €384!

MESA/Boogie and Celestion cabinets are excluded from these discounts


Visit the Two Notes Store

* Taxes may apply, depending on your country of residence.

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