Can I use my hardware Two Notes cabinets from Torpedo in the WoS plug-in?


Since the Torpedo Remote v3, your Two Notes hardware cabinets can be used in the Wall Of Sound (WoS) plugin and the other way round.

All your default hardware cabinets can be loaded into the WoS plugin and every Two Notes cabinet purchased on the Two Notes Store can be used on both Torpedo hardware products (Studio, Live, Cab, VB-101) and on the WoS plugin.

You must first install the Torpedo Remote (downloadable here) and register your Two Notes hardware product online. Follow the instructions on screen to do so. An internet connection is required. A new license taking into account the whole of your cabinets will be generated.

There is a discount policy, depending on the number of cabinets you buy at a time (more details here).

You will find information regarding the cabinets available in the Torpedo Remote and the Wall Of Sound plugin by clicking on "La Boutique", or on the Two Notes Store.