How can I update or get back my Torpedo license file ?

Your license file is attached to the e-mail you receive when you create your account, update your license, or buy new Two Notes cabinets. 

If your license has been updated and your computer is connected to the Internet, your WoS plug-in will automatically detect the new license.

If your computer is not connected to the Internet, you will need to load this file to activate your new Two Notes cabinets.

Sometimes this e-mail ends up in your spam-box and you may want to check it.

If you cannot find the WoS III license file anymore, please go to your License & Cabinet Manager, and ask to "Get or renew your license". 

You will then be e-mailed your new .ltorp license file.

To load your new license and your potential new cabinets without internet connection, please follow the instructions described here.