How does the Exciter effect work ?

This article describes the Exciter effect shared by the Torpedo Studio and Torpedo Wall of Sound. This very useful tool is a simple and effective way to quickly add what your tone may be missing.


The Exciter features two bands, working separately. These were carefully designed to provide the optimum results in both cases. In each one of them, tonal content is added and shaped. The only parameter available is the level of the effect, which basically means we did all the work: all you have to do now is choose how much of the effect you want !


Here is a description of the two parameters:


  • Low: Sets the quantity of low frequency exciter. This can be primarily used to add body to a sound too thin, or make a sound generally stronger.
  • High: Sets the quantity of high frequency exciter. This brings presence and clarity to the sound. Use this to brighten a sound too dark, or bring back to life a sound too dull. Use with caution : once you turn this on, there's no turning back ! Removing the effect may leave you wondering, "where did my great tone go ??"