How does the Reverb effect work ?

This article describes the Reverb effect shared by the Torpedo Studio and Torpedo Wall of Sound. The main goal of the Reverb effect is to enhance your experience with your Torpedo product, especially when playing with headphones, by providing a beautiful and highly realistic room reverb.


The Reverb effect features 8 different, carefully designed rooms and a Dry/Wet setting. A 9th Custom room gives you access to the parameters of the reverb algorithm, allowing you to design your own room. When changing room, you'll notice that these additional parameters are in fact displayed for each room, but only accessible for the Custom room. This allows you to see how the rooms are designed, and maybe use these settings as a starting point to design your Custom room.


The parameters of the Custom room are saved with the whole preset of the product, but can't be saved as a specific "room preset" that you can recall later. If you find a set of parameters that works well for you and want to save it, we suggest you save a preset with these, which you can then use later as a reminder.


Here is a full description of the parameters of the Reverb effect :


  • Room: Determines the type of reverb you apply to your tone. You have access to 8 different rooms: Studio A & B, Hall A & B, Cathedral, Crypt, Basement and Loft. The 9th room, Custom, has adjustable parameters so you can create your own reverb. The Reverb algorithm was designed to provide highly realistic room sounds, but is actually way more powerful than that, and can easily be configured to give some strange, eerie or extreme sounds ! Don't hesitate to fiddle with these parameters and check the result.
  • Dry/Wet: Determines the amount of reverb to be applied to your tone.
  • Size (only adjustable for the Custom room): Sets the size of the room. This allows to create very small rooms (like a closet or recording booth), huge halls, or everything in between. This parameters acts hand in hand with Echo: when Echo is low, Size may not seem much effective. In which case, just increase Echo before trying to adjust Size again.
  • Echo (only adjustable for the Custom room): Determines how much the sound is reverberated. In conjunction with the Size parameter, Echo can be set to get very "boxy" sounds, wild overwhelming echos, or natural and realistic room sounds.
  • Color (only adjustable for the Custom room): The color of the reverberation can be altered, mostly by reducing the treble contents of the room. This parameter is of upmost importance to get a natural, comfortable recording room sound, when used ligthly. On the contrary, when pushed to max, it can heavily modify the sound, and even enter the realm of vintage analog delays.