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How to manually update my Torpedo hardware product ?


The update process of the Torpedo hardware product is an automated process. When an update is available, the Remote software will let you know, and invite you to do the update.

On some occasions however, a manual update may be needed. In this case, you'll get a firmware update file, provided by Two notes Audio Engineering. This procedure will walk you through installing it on your Torpedo product.

Requirements for this procedure:

  • Torpedo Remote should be installed on your computer
  • Your Torpedo unit should be registered to your Two notes account



1) First, locate the "Binaries" folder on your computer. You'll find it here:


- PC 64bits : C:\Program Files (x86)\Two Notes Audio Engineering\Binaries
- PC 32bits : C:\Program Files\Two Notes Audio Engineering\Binaries
- Mac OSX : /Library/Application Support/Two Notes Audio Engineering/Binaries


2) Erase all the files in this folder.


3) Copy the firmware update file in this "Binaries" folder. The firmare update file is usually a ".tfu" file, but it can also be a set of two ".tfa" and ".tfb" files.


4) Turn your Torpedo on while keeping the EDIT button pressed (or, in the case of the Torpedo Studio, the "PROGRAM" button). Your Torpedo will start in "UPDATE" mode.


5) Launch the Torpedo Remote software. It should suggest to do the update, do it by clicking the "Firmware Update" button.


6) The firmware will be installed, and the unit will reboot automatically.


At this point your unit is up to date. If needed, you can check the firmware version of your unit in its Setup menu.

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