What to do if the Torpedo Remote crashes at startup ?

If the Torpedo Remote crashes at startup, as soon as a Torpedo device is connected in USB, it may be due to the fact that the current firmware in the Torpedo device is outdated. In which case, try the following procedure :

  • Start the Torpedo device in Update mode : on a Torpedo Studio or VB-101, press the PROGRAM button. On a Torpedo Live or CAB, press the EDIT button. Power on the Torpedo device, while keeping this button pressed. The Torpedo should display a "Firmware Update" or "Update" screen.
  • Connect the Torpedo in USB and launch the Torpedo Remote. It will ask you to either sign in (if you already have a Two notes account) or sign up (if you don't have one yet).
  • After signing in with your account, or creating a new account, the Torpedo Remote may ask you to register the Torpedo device on your account. Do it by following the instructions.
  • Finally, the Torpedo Remote should suggest to update the Torpedo device. Do it, by clicking the "Firmware update" button.

If anything doesn't happen as excepted, please contact the technical support here.