How to register the Torpedo Captor X?

The Torpedo Remote software and an online computer are required to register your Torpedo Captor X in your Two Notes account. When you register your Captor X, you will receive 3 DynIR for free in your Two notes account.

Here are the instructions to follow:

  1. First, download Torpedo Remote here and install it.

  2. Connect your Torpedo via USB and launch Torpedo Remote.

  3. Torpedo Remote will open to the Sign up/Sign in window. If you already have a Two notes account, sign in. Select "Sign up" to create your Two notes account.

  4. You will then be asked whether you want to register your device on your account or not. Press Register to do so.

  5. Your Torpedo device is now registered on your Two Notes account. The license file and your Two Notes cabinets files will be automatically downloaded on the computer. When this operation is finished, a message window will inform you that the registration has succeeded.

  6. Follow the firmware update procedure if your device firmware is out of date.


If you want to use Torpedo Remote on an offline computer, please read the article "Install Torpedo Remote v5 on an offline computer" .

It is not possible to register a Torpedo Captor X from the mobile app via the Bluetooth connection. It can only be done via the USB connection on a desktop computer.

It is not possible either to register with a mobile device by connecting the USB to your mobile device.