Install Torpedo Remote v5 on an offline computer

WARNING: Your Torpedo has to be registered using an online computer before any offline installation.

To install Torpedo Remote v5 on an offline computer, follow these steps:


- Download the proper installer from the Two notes website and copy it on a USB key

- Go to your online My DynIR Cabinets area and download your Torpedo Remote DynIR Cabinets File

Torpedo Remote Offline License

- Copy the Torpedo Remote DynIR Cabinets File (LicensePackage.tnlp) on the USB key

- Plug the USB key in your offline computer

- Copy and launch Torpedo Remote v5 installer

- Once installed, launch Torpedo Remote v5 and click the Guest button on the Sign in window


 - The Torpedo Remote v5 main window should then pop up

- Click on the User menu / Load Your Virtual Cabinets File item

- Select the LicensePackage.tnlp copied on your USB key and press Open

- The cabinets import process starts. It could take a couple of minutes depending on the number of cabinets you own.

- Once done, click on the User menu / Sign in item to enable the license installed from the LicensePackage.tnlp file.

- The Sign in window pops up, enter your email address and your password (The one used during your Two notes account creation), click on Remember me then press Sign in.

- You are ready now to plug your Torpedo in your offline computer.