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Updating the firmware of the Torpedo Live and Torpedo C.A.B.


To update the firmware of your Torpedo Live and Torpedo C.A.B., you need to use Torpedo Remote 5 and register the Torpedo Live/Torpedo C.A.B. to your Two notes account.

If your Torpedo hardware is using the firmware 3 (that is controlled by Torpedo Remote 4) the update will be automatically done by Torpedo Remote 5 once it is installed and launched.

If your Torpedo hardware is in prior versions of the firmware (1 or 2), you need to update the firmware first using Torpedo Remote 4, to bring the firmware to V3.

You need to download Torpedo Remote 4 from the legacy section of the website:

Select Torpedo Remote in the drop-down menu and download Torpedo Remote 4.

Once you have done the update from Torpedo Remote 4, you will install Torpedo Remote 5 and do the last part of the update to bring your Torpedo Live to firmware 4.



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