Torpedo Captor X flashes red light

The Torpedo Captor X is equipped with a red LED to signal the following events or issues with your Torpedo Captor X:

  • Clipping of the input or the output stages of the Torpedo Captor X
  • File transfer with the Remote software
  • System errors, unrelated to the incoming signal

1. Clipping the input or output

It is possible to overload the input or output stages of the Torpedo Captor X. The red LED will then light up, according to the signal. Start by turning the Output Level down. If the LED is still lighting up when you play, you are clipping the input of the Torpedo Captor X. Engage the IN LEVEL switch see front panel image, element N°7 to the LOW position. It activates a -15dB pad on the input signal. If the LOW switch is engaged and you are still clipping the input stage of the Captor X, turn down the volume of the amp until the red LED turns itself off.

With Torpedo remote, you can see the input and output levels through the dedicated vumeters.


2. Communication with Remote

When a file transfer is occuring between the Torpedo Captor X and the Remote software, the red LED acts as a progress indicator: it flashes when a certain percentage of the data is actually sent. This allows to check if the transfer is occuring normally, or stalled.

This happens when transfering virtual cabinets, IR files, and firmware files (during firmware updates).


3. System error

The Torpedo Captor X red LED flashes when an error is detected inside the firmware of the unit.

To differentiate system error LED flashes from input or output clipping, turn off your amp, and disconnect it from the Torpedo Captor X. If the Captor X keeps flashing red light while being unplugged from the amp, this shows a system error. You can decipher the flashes with this article on LED report. Please submit a ticket on the helpdesk with the transcription of the LED report.