Notice - New price for DynIR Virtual Cabinet

As from Wednesday 16th of September 2020, the price of a Two notes DynIR Virtual Cabinet will be changed to 8.33€/10$ excluding taxes (10€ inc VAT). 


Since the birth of Two notes and the Torpedo line of products, we have welcomed thousands of musicians into the Two notes family who rely on our products to provide the foundation of their tone. Since the recent release of the C.A.B. M and Captor X products, our user base has grown to a level we could never have imagined. At our core, Two notes (and the people who work here) are fundamentally about two things and these are the things that constantly drive us - innovating and delivering the highest quality products to our users. 


This increase, our first in 11 years (which only applies to the DynIR range of Virtual Cabinets  that still has us priced below the market rate of most premium static IRs) has not been implemented without deep consideration and will allow us to maintain the continuity of service across our global user base. As more people embed themselves into the Two notes ecosystem, we have needed to open more and more web-infrastructures to ensure that every one of our users has a constant, uninterrupted, connection to our services. It will also mean, of course, that we can continue to invest heavily into product development that will surpass our customer expectations. We continue to develop new relationships with established amp manufacturers to ensure we give to you the best hardware products and the most precise cabinet simulation available today, and for the future. 


For all enquiries, you can contact us through our helpdesk at