How to handle errors in hardware Torpedo products

Many hardware Torpedo products are digital products that works with a firmware (Torpedo CAB M, Captor X...). A lot of effort is put into making this firmware as bug-free as possible, but problems can always happen. To manage these problems, the firmware includes an error detections mechanism, so that if something goes wrong, you can be informed, act on it accordingly, or report it to Two notes for correction.


For Torpedo products that are equipped with a display, the display is used to show an error report when detected in the firmware. For other products that don't have a display, error reports are shown  through a blinking LED. See this article for more details.


If you encounter an error when using your Torpedo product, first of all, don't panic. Most errors are benign and can be solved very easily. In any case, Two notes support team will do all it can to help you solve your issue.


The first thing to do when an error happens is to assess the situation:

  • Did the error happen:
    • only once?
    • from time to time?
    • all the time?
  • If the error happens more than once, does it happen:
    • if you unplug everything from the product, then simply power it on?
    • or when you do something specific ? (loading a preset, connecting the Remote software, editing one particular parameter, going into one specific menu...)
  •  Did you just got the product (used or new) and it showed the error right away, or did you use the product without issue before? In which case, did you make anything in particular just before the error showed up? (updating the unit, loading a new preset, using a function for the first time, moving the unit from your home to your rehearsal studio...)


If the error happened only once, it probably means it was automatically corrected, you can probably ignore it and go on with using the product normally. But don't hesitate to contact us with the error report, it may help us improve things in future development.


If the error is recurrent, you can first have a look at the error list here. If the error you encountered is listed, it may give you all the information you need to solve the issue. If not or in doubt, please contact us with the error report and the answers to the questions above. We'll do our best to help you as soon as possible: here at Two notes, we consider that helping our customers solve any issue they have with our products is of the upmost importance!