What to do if I get a "System Error 24.0" on my Torpedo Live ?


The System Error 24.0 is a boot error that could occur on a few of the earliest versions of the Torpedo Live and Torpedo CAB. Basically, it means the processor of the device doesn't boot properly.


This error only occurs at startup. Once the Torpedo is started up, this error can't happen. This means this error can't crash your Torpedo while you are using it, during a rehearsal or live performance.


In most cases, this error is triggered by temperature.


The typical scenario is: when you first turn on your Torpedo, everything is ok. You play it a little bit, which makes its temperature rise. Then, you turn it off, and try to turn it on again: that's when the System Error 24.0 appears.

Workaround: in this situation, just turn off the unit, and let it cool for a little while (less than a minute may be enough, but this could extend to more than that). Then turn it on again.


Another scenario could be: you try to turn on your Torpedo after it spent a cold night in your car or other cold environment, and you get the System Error 24.0.

Workaround: in this situation, let the unit warm up in a warm room before trying to turn it on. You can also leave it in a powered state, displaying "System Error 24.0": this won't not arm the unit, and it will warm it properly. Then, after a while, turn it off and on again.


Permanent fix: this error was fixed in later versions of the Torpedo Live and CAB. However, some of the earliest units may still be affected by the problem. This is easily fixable, but it requires an intervention on the unit, because it is a hardware problem. If you have an affected unit and want to get it fixed, please contact us on the Help Desk.