Preset Naming Conventions in OPUS

The preset: it’s the perfect jump-off for sculpting your signature tone and the final destination for immaculate sonics from the get-go! With 99 presets included from the get-go, expertly curated by our in-house sound design team, you are well-and-truly primed to dive headfirst into all the tone-shaping potential OPUS has to offer! 

So, what do the identifiers at the start of each OPUS preset mean? In a nutshell, they indicate what instrument (Electric Guitar, Electric Bass or Acoustic Guitar) the presets have been created for and which of the input types the preset is tailored to accept (selected via the 3-way IN LEVEL switch located on the side of the unit). The indicators can be deciphered as follows: 

  • A - Electric Guitar, Amp-level signal 
  • AB - Bass Guitar, Amp-level signal 
  • AC - Acoustic Guitar, Instrument-level signal 
  • I - Electric Guitar, Instrument-level signal 
  • IB - Electric Bass, Instrument-level signal 
  • L - Electric Guitar, Line-level signal* 
  • LB - Electric Bass, Line-level signal* 

* Note that these presets have been configured to work alongside Pedal format preamps (like the ReVolt Series); as such, please ensure any on-board cabinet emulation from your preamp is disabled when using these line-level presets.

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