What is latency? What is the latency of the VB-101?

Latency is the time taken by the processing between an incoming "dry" signal and the outgoing "wet" signal.

Digital transfer AES/EBU or S/PDIF => VB-101 => AES/EBU or S/PDIF takes 512 samples with internal processing at 96 kHz, i.e. 5.33 milliseconds.

Analog transfer (analog => VB-101 => analog) takes 5 milliseconds.

These are measured values, please be awared that the value you can read on your asio/core Audio driver display of you DAW is most of the time wrong and can't be compared to a measured value. The ony way to measure your DAW's latency is to use a latency compensation plugin and to link one input to one output.

We performed a great number of tests with professional guitar players and bass players to find the right latency value. During those tests, the only way to clearly notice a 5/6ms latency was to add a non-delayed signal to the delayed signal.

The latency of the Torpedo system direct to digital is comparable to similar latencies when recording to a DAW or using the current industry standard digital touring consoles, using traditional mic and cabinet technologies.