How do I connect the VB-101 to my amplifier?

In order to connect your amp to the VB-101, you will need a speaker output from your amp. Even though most amplifiers do provide one, please take the time to check your amp. If no such output is available (which may be the case with some combo amps), note that it is often possible to add a speaker output if you ask a qualified technician to do so.

Connecting the VB-101 to your amp is easy:

  1. Plug the loudspeaker cable to the 8-Ohm output of your amplifier
  2. Plug the cable to the "SPEAKER INPUT" of the VB-101

Please note that it is very important to use a 8-0hm output on your amplifier, not a 4- or 16-Ohm one. Check your amplifier's user's manual if needed. Not respecting this rule could lead to causing serious damages to your amp or the VB-101.

Always use a speaker cable (two conductors unshielded, usually thicker than an instrument cable) to connect your amp to the VB-101.