Configuring OPUS as Part of Your Amp & Cab Rig

Looking to integrate OPUS into your Amp & Cab rig? No sweat! OPUS has been expertly engineered to position between your amp and speaker to unleash the unmatched power of Two notes proprietary DynIR™ cabinet technology and deliver flawless tone to a DAW or FOH.


To use OPUS as an amp DI, place it after the power amp section of your amp by connecting the speaker output of your amp to the Amp Input of OPUS with a speaker cable.

Then, connect your cabinet to the Speaker Output of the pedal.(*)

OPUS' effects will not be heard through the physical cabinet connected to the SPEAKER OUT. Send your exact full guitar tone with our class-leading DynIR Cabinet Emulation by connecting OPUS's DI XLR output to the input of your audio interface or the mixing desk.

Top Tip: OPUS can also be used after a load box (such as the Torpedo Captor) connected to your amplifier in the place of a traditional speaker cabinet. Simply connect the line output of the load box to the Line Input of OPUS and you are set with a Silent rig allowing you to take full advantage of your amplifier's tone, without waking up the neighbours!

(*) DISCLAIMER: OPUS is not a load box - please ensure a suitable load is always connected to the Speaker Output of the pedal.

Having issues?
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