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How much power can the VB-101 handle?


The Torpedo VB-101 can handle a maximum of 150 watts (RMS). This means that if your amplifier's power rating is lower than or equal to 150W (RMS), you can safely use it with the VB-101.

To understand how this works, note that the power indicated on your amplifier is the MAXIMUM value it can deliver within a certain amount of time.

So, using an amplifier with a maximum RMS volume exceeding 150W is perfectly possible with the Torpedo VB-101, as long as you carefully monitor the volume.

If you push the volume too hard for too much time, the Torpedo VB-101 will detect a case of overheating and say so on the display screen.

The smart thermal security system embedded in the VB-01 (and Torpedo Live) will prevent any damage caused to your amplifier or VB-101/Torpedo Live in case of overheating.

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