What is the Arcade mode?

What's new?

The Arcade mode:

The Torpedo products allow the guitarist and bassist to be the Sound Engineer: picking a cabinet and a microphone, placing the microphone, fine tuning the sound so it works in your mix. If you have used these techniques in real life, you will find the Torpedo products easy and intuitive. The virtual microphone behaves just like its real life counterpart, as does the cab.

We thought about another way to work on the presets of a Torpedo Live or C.A.B., another way to take charge of your sound and achieve a great sound quickly.

We like video games here at Two Notes, in fact we had a video game machine at our booth this year at Musikmeese, and wanted to translate the Arcade VS Simulation concept to the Torpedo interface:

Arcade Mode is a simplified, to-the-point interface with only the most important controls available for your tone-shaping needs.

Simulation Mode is the full meal deal. All of the complexity of mic and speaker interaction are there for you to experiment with and change as you see fit, in every detail and in every level of your creativity.

In addition to Arcade Mode, Torpedo Remote and Wall Of Sound will soon have some high quality reverbs as a parameter, filling a long-requested feature that we are happy to add! 

What happens to my Torpedo CAB or Live?

The arcade or simulation mode are new presets. After the update, you will see 64 arcade presets and 64 simulation presets (the usual presets actually). All your current presets will be saved on your computer and you will able to load them back with the new Torpedo Remote.

You can change the mode by simply selecting and Arcade or Simulation preset.

It is possible to convert an Arcade preset to Simulation, so you get the full options, but reverting fro Simulation to Arcade will cause in most cases some changes in the sound, as not all the variables of the Simulation mode are available in Arcade. This is perfectly normal.

Torpedo Remote download link

Get here the latest version of the Torpedo Remote:


Official Change Log:

v3.1.10 (2015-12-15)
- Minor update improvements

v3.1.8 (2015-11-19)
- Launch error when migrating to Windows 10
- Download cab error solved
- Live/CAB: Empty boutique cab list solved
- Live/CAB: Invalid values in old presets handled

v3.1.7 (2015-11-06)
- License loading time improved

v3.1.6 (2015-10-28)
- Live/CAB: Knobs error display solved

v3.1.5 (2015-10-22)
- VB101/Studio: Room image display correction
- VB101/Studio: Minor bugs corrected

v3.1.4 (2015-10-21)
- Live/CAB: Computer user impulse files display fixed (Mac)
- Live/CAB: Minor bugs corrected.

v3.1.3 (2015-10-16)
- Live/CAB: Arcade migration window no longer displayed in guest mode
- Live/CAB: Error when migrating presets solved

v3.1.3 (2015-10-16)
- Live/CAB: Arcade migration window no longer displayed in guest mode
- Live/CAB: Error when migrating presets solved

v3.1.2 (2015-10-13)
- Live/CAB: new filtering tool in the Memory Manager
- Live/CAB: factory reset available from the menu
- Live/CAB: cab descriptions available offline
- Live/CAB: minor display bugs corrected

v3.1.1 (2015-09-04)
- Live/CAB: Error when migrating presets solved.
- Live/CAB: Preset conversion (Simulation/Arcade) improved.
- Live/CAB: Wrong cab image loaded solved.
- Live/CAB: Preset name length increased.
- Live/CAB: Arcade display improved to 32 characters.
- Live/CAB: Preset saving issues solved.
- VB101/Studio: Send preview error solved.
- Authentication problems appearing in rare cases solved.
- Crash when scanning new licenses in some cases solved

v3.1.0 (2015-07-31)
- Live/CAB: Added the Reverb effect with 8 differents rooms.
- Live/CAB: Added the Arcade mode, allowing simplified edition of the audio parameters.
- Live/CAB: Increased preset memory: 128 presets separated in two banks, the Arcade bank (presets A01 to A64) and the Simulation bank (presets S01 to S64).

- Better integration of the Preview and La Boutique functionnalities.

How to downgrade the firmware?

If, for any reason, you would like to revert back to the previous v2 firmware, please follow these instructions :

First of all, close the Torpedo Remote software. Then :

1) Locate the Binaries folder on your computer :
- PC 64bits : C:\Program Files (x86)\Two Notes Audio Engineering\Binaries
- PC 32bits : C:\Program Files\Two Notes Audio Engineering\Binaries
- Mac OSX : /Library/Application Support/Two Notes Audio Engineering/Binaries

2) Erase everything in this folder.

3) Go to the Two-Notes website, download the v3.0.12 Torpedo Remote software, and install it :



4) Start your Torpedo Live or CAB in update mode : turn it on while keeping the EDIT button pressed.

5) Start the Torpedo Remote v3.0.12 software : it will suggest to update your device with a v2 firmware. Do the update.

6) Once your Torpedo Live or CAB is updated, its preset will be messed up, so you'll have to install them back. To do this, go to the Preset Manager, select the backup folder:

- PC 64bits : C:\Program Files (x86)\Two Notes Audio Engineering\Preset\Backup\xxxxxxxx\yyyy-mm-dd
- PC 32bits : C:\Program Files\Two Notes Audio Engineering\Preset\Backup\xxxxxxxx\yyyy-mm-dd
- Mac OSX : /Library/Application Support/Two Notes Audio Engineering/Preset\Backup\xxxxxxxx\yyyy-mm-dd

7) Select all the presets in the "Local Two Notes presets" list and drag'n'drop them to the "Torpedo" list.