What are the benefits of registering my Torpedo CAB?

The Torpedo Remote is a software specificially designed to remotely control Torpedo CAB, Live and Studio devices.

If you only need to control remotely the parameters of your digital hardware Torpedo, you can do it without being registered with the 'Guest' mode.

However registering your Torpedo device gives you access to the following extra features:

  • Update your Torpedo CAB firmware and take advantages of new functionalities and bug corrections.

  • Manage the inbedded memory of your Torpedo CAB. You can move, delete and add Two Notes cabinets and third party user impulses as you want.

  • Manage your Torpedo CAB presets. Transfer presets from or to your computer.

  • Access 'La Boutique', the in-app virtual cabinet Store where you can listen to all the new Two Notes cabinets.

To register your Torpedo CAB, please follow the instructions here.