How to connect to my Torpedo using the Torpedo Wireless Remote

To use Torpedo Wireless with Torpedo C.A.B. M/Torpedo Captor X, the following procedure needs to be done:

- Ensure that the Bluetooth is enabled on your tablet or smartphone.

- Do not pair the Torpedo using the system settings, launch the Torpedo Wireless Remote first

- Accept all the requested authorizations (they depend on your tablet or phone)

- The connection window should show up, follow the instructions

- If the connection window does not show up, tap on the Devices menu at the bottom left:


- Your Torpedo should be listed. Tap on its name.



If your phone/tablet is not pairing with the unit, please do the following steps:
-turn off the Torpedo Captor X/C.A.B M and power it again.
- unpair the Torpedo in your phone's system through the bluetooth.
- activate the GPS/Location as on some phones bluetooth and GPS are linked.
- launch Torpedo Remote
- check for a notification (it can be located at the top of your phone or a new window that will open on your screen) asking you to enter the pin code of the Torpedo unit.
- enter the pin code, the bluetooth pairing should be good now.

If it is still not working, restart your phone (turn it off and on), and start the procedure at the top again.

-you have inputted the pin code given in the Global menu of the pedal, and the pedal does not show up in the "Devices" menu in Torpedo Wireless Remote, you need to unpair the C.A.B. M/captor X in the list of devices that are paired in the bluetooth menu of your phone. once it is done, you have to start the procedure of this page. Do not pair the C.A.B. M/ captor X from the phone. It has to be done by Torpedo Remote.

These pages explain how to test BLE connection: