BLE connection issue on Android

This page explains how to validate that the Bluetooth layer of your Torpedo (C.A.B. M and Captor X) is properly working without using Torpedo Wireless Remote. To do so you have to install BLE Scanner application from Bluepixel Technologies.


In Play Store search "BLE scanner" and install BLE scanner from Bluepixel.

Ensure that Torpedo Wireless Remote is not running and launch BLE Scanner. All the reachable BLE devices should be listed. The devices do not have to be paired in order to be listed.

Turn on your Torpedo, it then should appear in the list. Press "Connect" to select your Torpedo.



And then click on R button (for):

The pairing window should pop up, enter the PIN code of your Torpedo:

  • Torpedo C.A.B. M: Go to the Global/BLE pin code screen (see section of the user manual).
  • Torpedo Captor X: Enter 000 following by the 3 last digits of the serial number. If your serial number is 11950213 your pin code is 000213.

Once pairing done, a value should be displayed:

If you managed to follow all these steps, your Torpedo works properly and you can retry to connect it using Torpedo Wireless Remote. Before launching Torpedo Wireless Remote ensure that BLE Scanner is disconnected from your Torpedo.