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My Torpedo is not recognized on by the Torpedo Remote on Windows 10


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After a Windows update from the September 10, 2019 Torpedo devices are no more recognized by the Torpedo Remote software.



In order to fix that issue, you have to rollback the Windows driver. Ensure that the Torpedo Remote software is not running and follow these steps:

1 - Plug your Torpedo device to your computer and turn it on

2 - Go to device manager: Press Windows Key and type device manager

- Click the View menu then Devices by container

3 - Open Torpedo Live, CAB, CAB M, Studio,D20 item

4 - Right click on BETTER_USB_HS then Uninstall device


5 - Check the "Delete the driver" option and click the Uninstall button (If the Delete driver option is not checked, you won't be able to rollback the driver at the step 10)


6 - Unplug then replug your  Torpedo

7 - Wait until the BETTER_USB_HS item appears again, this could take up to one minute

8 - Right click on BETTER_USB_HS / Properties

9 - Go to driver tab

10 - Click Roll back driver

 11 - Select the "My apps don't work with this driver" then click Yes


12 - Close the Device Manager

13 - Launch the Torpedo Remote software, your Torpedo should now be available.


1_device_manager.png 1_device_manager.png
2_by_container.png 2_by_container.png
3_uninstall.png 3_uninstall.png
5_rollback.png 5_rollback.png
6_rollback.png 6_rollback.png
0_windows_update.PNG 0_windows_update.PNG
4_untinstall.png 4_untinstall.png

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