Format the SD card in the C.A.B M

The proper way to format the supplied SD card (or another SD card) to be used in the C.A.B M is to do it through the pedal.

- Press on the left encoder to enter the MENU of the pedal.
- Browse to the Global section and enter it (press on the right encoder to enter)
- Browse to Memory Card Mount and press ENTER (right encoder) to mount the card. The pedal will appear as a regular mass storage device on your computer

On a Windows computer:
- Use the Drive Tools in the Windows Explorer window of your computer.


- Click on Format to open the formatting options window.


- Format the card selecting FAT.



on Mac OSX

- Use the Disk Utility


- Select the disk corresponding to the Torpedo C.A.B. M memory card

- Click on the Erase button located between the Partition and the Restore buttons

- Select the MS-DOS (FAT) format


- Click on the Erase button of the Erase window