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Upgrade to Torpedo C.A.B. M+


Two notes has released a major upgrade for Torpedo C.A.B. M to Torpedo C.A.B. M+.

We have a new Quick Start Guide (download it here) and a new owner's manual.

Here is the procedure to upgrade your pedal.


1. Install the latest version of Torpedo Remote (5.3.0)


The following error message may show up on your screen.

It is not possible to install the new Torpedo Remote when one instance of Torpedo Remote is already opened. Close the software, and launch the installation again.


2. Connect your Torpedo C.A.B. M to your computer. The firmware upgrade is only accessible if your pedal is registered to your account. The following window will open, informing you of the new firmware. Click on Yes to start the process.


3. You will then have a warning about your current presets being changed in terms of sound. Also, to be bulletproof, we encourage you to do a backup of your pedal. 

4. you will have one final confirmation message, to confirm you wish to do the upgrade, then the upgrade will start.



remote-firmware-upgrade-confirmation.png remote-firmware-upgrade-confirmation.png
remote-error-installation.png remote-error-installation.png
remote-firmware-upgrade-confirmation2bis.png remote-firmware-upgrade-confirmation2bis.png

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