Cabinet will not download in Wall of Sound - Cabinets are missing in Wall of Sound

When you buy a cabinet on the Two notes Store, or register a Two notes hardware in your account, your license is renewed.

When you log into Wall of Sound, a message tells you your license is obsolete, and to download the new one. This new license will automatically download the new cabinets included in your license.

If Wall of Sound is not be able to download the cabinets, you will have the following message on your screen.


Please check which version of Wall of Sound you are using. Either by going to MENU -> About (see image below), or by looking at the version that is shown at the bottom left of the window of the error message displayed on your screen (see image above).

If you are not using WoS 4.4.0 or higher versions, please download it here. Uninstall the current version you are using and install the latest version of WoS.

If by installing the latest version, you still have the issue of the missing cabinet(s). Please check the version again. Your DAW might still be using the older version. Do the following steps:

- close your DAW
- uninstall WoS (and any other WoS if it is still listed)
- search your computer for "wall of sound", and remove all .dll, .vst and .vst3 instances.
- install the latest version of WoS again.

If your issue is still not solved after these different steps, please submit a ticket on the Helpdesk.