Purchasing Additional Virtual Cabinets / DynIRs and Adding these to OPUS

The Two notes store contains over 600+ Virtual cabinets for you to audition and purchase in your hunt for standout guitar and bass sonics. Demo-ing these and adding them to OPUS is a snap!

First connect OPUS to your desktop computer via the supplied USB cable and instantiate Torpedo Remote. Within Torpedo Remote, you can preview any cabinets that are not tied to your licence - this is why, when you browse the cabinets in Torpedo Remote, the list is considerably bigger than the virtual cabinets added to your Two notes licence or in your OPUS device.

Simply navigate to the Virtual cabinet pane and open the browser to browse the entire DynIR catalog. Here you will see cabinets with cloud icons next to them - these are the cabinets available to demo that you do not own yet.

Simply load a cabinet to preview it; when previewing a cabinet that you do not own, random silences are inserted and you only have access to one mic slot.

If you are happy with one of your previewed cabinets, simply locate and click the trolley icon featuring a plus sign. This operation can be repeated for any cabinets.

When you’re happy with your purchase selection, click on the trolley icon with the green tick and you will be taken to the online Two notes Store (No billing or information on the payment method is stored on the Remote, as to ensure maximum security). The trolley with the minus sign allows you to remove the current cabinet from the cart. Finally, complete your purchase by submitting all payment details on the Two notes Store.

The next step is to import the newly purchased cabinets into the OPUS hardware. Once you have purchased your cabinet(s) from the Two notes Web Store, simply reopen Torpedo Remote and you should see a dialogue box confirming new cabinets have been added to your account. Please allow time for these to download. Once downloaded, navigate to the Cabinet Manager tab. Here, the Left panel indicates the cabinets available on your computer. The right panel shows the Virtual Cabinets stored in the unit.

OPUS comes with its internal memory for Virtual Cabinets at full capacity with 32 DynIR cabinets pre-installed. To import a cabinet that is stored in your computer to the unit, you need to free space by unloading one or more cabinets located on the right panel. (Note: The cabinet is only removed from the OPUS - you still have it in your Two notes licence and can re-import it at any time with Torpedo Remote). Then, simply drag and drop any cabinets from the left panel (your computer) to the right panel for the import into OPUS, or alternatively click the load button to move the cabinet from the left panel to the right panel.

Having issues?
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