How to add a new cabinet in my Torpedo

To import or remove cabinets in your Torpedo, you need to register your Torpedo Captor X via Torpedo Remote to your Two notes account. You cannot import or remove cabinets when using Torpedo Remote in Guest mode. Use the CABINET MANAGER tab to manage the Two notes Virtual Cabinets in your Torpedo. The Left panel indicates the cabinets available on your computer. The right panel shows the Virtual Cabinets stored in the unit.

The Torpedo comes with its internal memory for Virtual Cabinets at full capacity with 32 DynIR cabinets already loaded. To import a cabinet that is stored in your computer to the unit, you need to free space by unloading one or more cabinet located on the right panel. (Note: The cabinet is only removed from the Torpedo. You still have it in your license, and can reimport it at any time with Torpedo Remote). Drag and drop any cabinets from the left panel (your computer) to the right panel for the import in the Torpedo, or click the load button to move the cabinet from the left panel to the right panel.

In CABINET MANAGER, you can rearrange the order of the DynIR cabinets in the Torpedo. Select one cabinet, and move it up and down the list to change its designated slot.