How to Secure and Import OPUS' Artist Series Presets

With 99 preset locations and an exclusive collection of 40+ artist-series presets from the likes of Pete Thorn, Michael Nielsen, Jack Gardiner, Tom Quayle, Adam Steel, John Browne, Jay Leonard Jay and more, OPUS is the definitive launchpad to jump-start your foray into the Two notes class-leading ecosystem. To get your hands on our Artist Series preset collection, please follow the steps below!

Step 1 | Register Your Unit

  • First, download Torpedo Remote here and install it.
  • Connect OPUS via USB to your PC or Mac and launch Torpedo Remote.
  • Torpedo Remote will open the Sign up/Sign in window. If you already have a Two notes account, sign in using your Two notes account credentials. If you are new to the Two notes ecosystem, select "Sign up" to create a Two notes account.
  • You will then be asked whether you want to register your device on your account or not. Select Register to continue with the OPUS registration procedure.
  • Your Torpedo device is now registered on your Two notes account. The license file and your Two notes cabinets files will be automatically downloaded to your computer. When this operation is complete, a message window will inform you that the registration of OPUS has been successfully completed.

Some other considerations to bear in mind when registering OPUS:

  • Follow the firmware update procedure if your device firmware is out of date.
  • If you want to use Torpedo Remote on an offline computer, please read the article "Install Torpedo Remote v5 on an offline computer" .
  • Please note, it is not possible to register OPUS from the mobile app via a Bluetooth connection; registration can only be actioned via a USB connection to a compatible desktop computer.

Step 2 | Check Your Email Inbox

We will send you a confirmation email, noting that the associated OPUS unit has been registered to your account. Within this email, there will be a link to the Artist Series Presets. Please click this link to download the presets.

Step 3 | Load the Presets onto OPUS

First, open Torpedo Remote on your Desktop, connect OPUS to your computer via the supplied USB cable and navigate to the PRESET MANAGER tab. The Left panel indicates the preset folders on your computer. The right panel shows the presets stored in the unit.

Move the presets up and down to change their order in OPUS. Remove presets by dragging and dropping them in the bin below.

Find your downloaded presets via the navigation tools within the Left panel of the Torpedo Remote UI. Drag and drop presets from the left panel (your computer) to the right panel (internal memory of the OPUS). Once the presets are loaded in the internal memory of OPUS, you will be able to use them at all times with OPUS.

Please note, if a preset is loaded that features a cabinet that's not loaded in the internal memory of OPUS, a replacement cabinet will be loaded instead.

Having issues?
Our support team is here to assist you! For any enquiries, please head over to our "Help Desk"and submit a ticket to speak directly to one of our in-house specialists.