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How do I install and activate the WoS plug-in on an offline computer?


If the computer on which you want to use the plug-in (target computer) does not have an active Internet connection, you will need to proceed in two steps: first on a computer with an Internet connection (online computer), then on your target computer.


  • On an online computer:
  1. First choose the plugin format you need and download the corresponding WoS setup file here. If you don't know which format to use, go to this page. Save it on a USB stick or an external hard drive.

  2. Create your Two Notes account in You will be required to validate your account by clicking on a link e-mailed to you. You will then receive a license file attached to our confirmation e-mail, as "Torpedo WallOfSound License.ltorp". Save that license file at the same place that your setup file.

  3. Go to your "License and Cabinet Manager" on the Two Notes Store, which shows your list of Two Notes cabinets. Download the "Torpedo Wall of Sound Virtual Cabinets File". This file contains all the cabinets of your license. Save it to the USB key or external drive you will use to bring the cabinets to the offline computer. The default cabinets 'Brit VintC' and 'Watt Fan C' are already embedded in the plugin and don't need to be downloaded.
  • On your target computer:
  1. Plug your USB stick or your external hard drive into the target computer and launch the plug-in setup file.

  2. Unzip the "Torpedo Wall of Sound Virtual Cabinets File" and copy all its content in the following directory:
    PC 32-bit: C:\Program Files\Two Notes Audio Engineering\Cabinets
    PC 64-bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\Two Notes Audio Engineering\
    Mac OS: Library/Application Support/Two Notes Audio Engineering\

  3. Launch your sequencer and select "Torpedo Wall of Sound" from the list of available effects in your sequencer.

  4. On the first WoS window, click on the "Sign In" button, then on "Activate offline".

  5. Type in your personal info for validation, and browse your USB stick for the Torpedo license file.

  6. Click on OK, your plug-in is now activated and your Two Notes cabinets are now listed on the WoS plug-in's interface.


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