What to do when the Torpedo device is registered on another account ?

(Pour les explications en français, cliquez ici.)


  • This Torpedo device is not yours :

    Every Torpedo device can be registered on only one Two Notes account. As a result, if the device is not yours, you have two options:

    - Sign In to the device associated account


    - Select Guest mode. In this mode you can remotely control the Torpedo device from your computer. Access to the Memory Manager or "La Boutique" is not possible.

  • This Torpedo device is yours:

    - It is a second hand unit:

    The Torpedo device must be associated to its previous user. You should contact the former owner and ask him to unregister the unit by following the instructions here.

    - It is a new unit:

    If this case, please contact us at support.two-notes.com